Here at Seosite, we offer many different SEO tools to improve and/or maintain the SEO score of your website. With the many tools we offer you can easily improve and maintain your score. To help you on your way we have listed below all the tools we offer and of course there will be more tools offered in the future so keep an eye on the SeoSite website.

The free tools that are publicly available

Backlinks checker

Check which backlinks a certain website has. Of course this can be your own website but also that of a competitor. With this report you can then promote your own website on the websites that are in the backlink report of your competitor.

Image optimiser

Too large images on your website lead to a slow loading website. Did you know that visitors leave after 3 seconds and go to another website? The loading of your website is an important part of your SEO score. Optimize your images

Robots txt creator

You can create a robots.txt file via the robots.txt creator and place it in the root of your website. In a robots.txt file you can specify which URLs may be indexed by a search engine and which may not. You can also specify where to find a sitemap of your website. Another possibility is to specify a standard policy, for example allow everything or deny everything.

Keyword suggestions

When optimising your website, it is important to investigate which keywords have less competition compared to other keywords. The more competition there is on a keyword, the harder it is to reach the top of the results of a search engine. You can also search for "long tail" keywords that have less competition.

Website age

The age of a domain name or website contributes to the standing of a website. The older a website is, the more respect it has in the eyes of search engines.

Speedtest website

I already mentioned with the image optimiser tool how important it is that your website has a fast loading time. With the speedtest you can check which parts load quickly, which parts are not found at all and which parts load slowly so you can take action.

Link cap report

With the link cap report, you enter at least 2 of your competitors. This tool then checks which websites link to all the competitors you have entered. There is a big chance that your website will also be listed on these websites which are mentioned in the link cap report when you contact the webmaster.

Word counter

Quickly determine how many words, sentences and lines a piece of text contains. For convenience, it also shows the keyword density of the text.

Keyword density

Another important item in SEO is the keyword density of a page or piece of text. Too many keywords in your text and a search engine will mark your page or piece of text as spam. Make sure your keyword density is no more than 3 percent so your work is not in vain.

The SEO control panel

All the tools we offer here for free are also included in the SEO control panel, but you must register for the SEO panel. In the SEO panel, many tasks are automatically done for you. The only thing you need to enter is your website and at least 2 websites of your competitors.