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Seo checks

What are SEO checks?

As webmaster, you want your website to appear as high as possible in the results when people search for the service or product you sell. The higher you are in the search engine results, the more visitors you will receive. Visitors who come in through the results of a search engine are called organic traffic. Visitors who come in because they clicked on an advertisement are called paid traffic.

To get higher in the results of a search engine you can perform the following basic SEO checks:

Use the meta data of your website

- title

Does the page have a title that describes what you are offering and is this title not too short and/or too long?

- meta description

Are the most important meta data of your pages filled in, such as the meta description, which gives a description of the product or service that persuades visitors to click on it and which contains the keywords you want to be found on.

- meta keywords

Have you filled in the meta keywords? In the meta keywords you put the keywords that say something about content in the page.

For example a page about SEO checks should therefore contain the keyword SEO checks in the title, the meta description and the meta keywords.

HTML formatting correct

Pay attention to the layout of your HTML page, do not use tags that are depreciated. Is the layout of the page (CSS) placed in separate files. Do you use javascript? Then place it in separate files as well. If you want to check the layout of your website for free, use the W3 tool, which shows you what and how you can improve the HTML layout of your page.

Speed of your website

The loading time of your website is just as important for the visitor's experience as it is for the search engine robots. If a page loads slowly, the visitor will search further. If you want to know more about improving your website speed, read the article How can I improve the speed of my website.

Optimise the images used

How can I optimise my images? Make sure you use the right image heights and widths, make the images the same size as you need for your website. For example, do not use an image of 1920 pixels wide and 1024 pixels high if your website needs an image of 200px wide and 150 pixels high. Optimise your website images for the internet, there are several tools on the internet like our image optimizer which does this automatically for you. Our image optimizer will reduce the size of your image and make it significantly smaller while your visitor will not notice any difference when viewing your image.

Automate these checks

If you use our SEO toolset, we will do these SEO checks for you and you can concentrate on checking and improving your website. Sign up for free and start your first project of (further) optimising your website.


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