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Online minify tool

Minify is an SEO technique

Why minify with JS, JSON, CSS and HTML?

Minify is a method in which we remove all superfluous characters such as new lines, comments, spaces from CSS, JS (javascript) or HTML files. This makes these files smaller in size, which shortens the loading time, but very important it has no influence on the operation of the files.

Why JS, JSON, CSS and HTML files?

All these files are formatted as text files and the webmaster or programmer often chooses to put all lines together with tabs, spaces and with comments for readability.

How do I create a minify file?

For example, if we have a file called website.js with javascript code we create a new file called website.min.js and copy into it the code we generated with the SeoSite online minify tool.

JS files

Javascript these are files with javascript code inside that are executed by your browser. These files are also called client side programming.


JavaScript Object Notation file text based with structured format commonly used for interoperability.

CSS files

Cascading stylesheets are layout files that give the looks to a page, for example the colors and font size. The advantage of using CSS files is that you can reuse them everywhere.

HTML files

Hypertext markup language files represent a website which is static, so without dynamic elements.

What can your minifier do?

You can use the online minifier of SeoSite to convert existing layouts into minified files. You can provide a url to a file or paste the content into the content textarea. If you click on the button “minify now” the text will be converted online to minify code. Click on “copy minify code” to copy it to your clipboard. You can then place the minify code in a .min. file.


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