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Speedtest website

Why test the speed of my website?

The speed of your website is important for the user experience that a visitor experiences on your website. It is a fact that visitors drop out of websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load completely.

Search engines also look at the speed of your website. The faster your website loads, the better the user experience and therefore the higher your SEO score in a search engine.

The website speed test tool

To be able to improve the speed of your website, you first need to know how fast your website loads and which parts of your website are slow and need to be improved.

How does the speed test tool work?

The speedtest tool first visits your website and then determines all the components that apply to the speed of your website. It checks how big these parts are and how fast they load. At the same time, it also checks whether the component exists. Many websites contain components that cannot be found, such as javascript components, style sheet files (CSS) or images.

Once the speed test has completed its analysis, it displays the results in a conveniently clear overview.

TTFB (time to first byte)

An important part of the speed of your website is the TTFB which means how long it takes for a visitor to receive data from your website. So basically how long a browser does nothing but wait for your website. A long TTFB results in a bad user experience and therefore a lower SEO score.

For example, what are the problems I might encounter if the TTFB is longer?

  • Slow non-optimised database queries
  • Program code with loops that take a long time.
  • Blocking scripts that do not exist or are hosted on external slow servers.
  • Images far too large

Speedtest in the SEO control panel

If you use the SEO control panel, we automatically check which URLs load slowly and what the TTFB times are of the URLs. You can find these in a clear overview with graphs. So if you really want to get a good insight into the speed of your website, create an account and start your own project.

Enter a website below and we will check its speed. If you are satisfied with the speed test tool, don't forget to share it on the social media.

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Speedtest website

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