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Link gap analysis

What is a link gap report

A link gap report is a SEO report that can help you get backlinks to your website. A link gap report shows which websites link to your competitors websites but do not (yet) link to yours. This creates SEO opportunities to get your website mentioned on these websites because all your competitors are also mentioned on these websites.

How to create a link gap report

At seosite, you can easily create a link gap report by entering at least 2 competitor websites and clicking on the get link gap button. You will then get a report of the domains that link to your competitor websites in the same niche. If you do not know any competitors for your website you can find them on the selected keywords page. You can add up to 5 competitor websites to a website.

I have a link gap report, now what?

With the link gap report you created, you can contact the webmasters of the websites in question and ask them to share a link with your website. You can download the report in PDF or Excel format by clicking on the download link for offline use.

Link gap report

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