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What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link on a website that points to your website. This can be because your content is interesting and related to the subject, it can also be because the website owner thinks that your website should be visited. For example, a link in a forum post to a product or service of yours is a backlink.

Backlinks and ranks

Every website page has a certain rank and the higher the rank the higher you will appear in the search results. A backlink from a website with a higher rank gives you a higher rank than a backlink from a website with a lower rank than your website.

Backlink and niche

A backlink gets a higher ranking when the link is on a website that is about the same subject as your website. A link from another SEO website will have a higher rank than a link from a house sale website.

Our backlinks checker

Enter the domain name or page and click on get backlinks the results appear below the form. In the result you can see for example the rank of the domain name, rank of the page, http response code of the page and the page title. You can download the overview in PDF or Excel format by clicking on the download link. Check out below to use our backlinks checker

Backlinks checker

Enter the domain, sub-domain or page below, select the kind of backlinks you would like to see and click on the button get backlinks.

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