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What's a good seo balance between kd and volume

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A. Chatni

afghani chatni

As I'm currently in the process of hiring someone to write my website's content or deciding whether to write it myself. I have come to realise something called KD (keyword difficulty) and volume of searches and realized that a good balance between the two needs to be considered before I can identify which keywords to choose. Any tips in regards to what I'll have to do here.?

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Stanley SEO Dude

2022-09-13 22:10:46

It really depends on what type of site you have. In my time, I found that locating the best keywords are fairly simple. There are tools out there you can use to find the right keywords, honestly Google should help with this, as they have tools to find the most popular keywords.

The best suggestion I can give, is to research keywords each month, and find what ones work and don't. And go from there.

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