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Check my ipaddress

Howto check my ipaddress

You are connected to the internet via your ipaddress, you do not always have the same ipaddress. The ipaddress at the office is different from the ipaddress at home. Your internet access provider is also different at the office, at home or in a restaurant.

The ipaddress we show here is the public ipaddress, the ipaddress of the internet side of your router. On your own WiFi network you probably have a different ipaddress in the range We call this range a private range and these ipaddresses may not be used on the internet.

It is also important to check that your IP address is not on a blacklist because that can significantly affect the functionality of your internet experience.

Why do I need my ipaddress?

  • For white listing in a firewall
  • By using APIs
  • Determine fixed or dynamic IP address
  • Search in the log of your website

IPaddress check

Discover and check the data available about your used ipaddress.

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