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Using keywords not associated with a site good or bad?

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Carol Grant

Carol Grant

When using keywords in your site, is it best to only utilize keywords that match your niche? Or should you use any keywords you can, even if it doesn't match the subject matter of your site? If there is a problem with this, can it penalize you for using the wrong kind of keywords?

2 Replies

A. Chatni

2022-09-13 17:53:06

As Adam pointed out I think it's better to not use keywords that lack relevanancy to your site as that would result in a bad user experience for any visitors that are misled due to such information that is present on your sites metadata or in your content which would result in either a Google penalty or just decrease the domain Authority of your site due to its incredulous use of wrong keywords in an irrelevant website.

Adam G.

2022-09-12 22:58:18

I think to some extent you want to make sure the keywords you use are close to what your site is in terms of subject matter. Adding tags/keywords for stuff that doesn't match your site, could hurt, at least I would think so.

Keywords are an important aspect of SEO, and I don't think putting keywords that don't fit helps anything. It may draw some traffic for a bit, but people will see those keywords don't match and might complain.

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