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Should i opt for ppc with gmb or focus on my site's seo

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A. Chatni
afghani chatni
As a brick and mortar and a software business owner I'm tempted to use pay per click PPC ads through Google ads placement while the site for my brick and mortar business as the site is almost finished with not a lot of focus on SEO. Should I opt for PPC or focus on the sites SEO.? What's the pros and cons between PPC vs SEO. ?

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Amber W.
2022-09-11 18:34:24

The better option in regards to this is to focus more on your sites SEO content as that will ultimately lead to a more longer term sustained dividends in regards to gaining more traffic reliably to your site in an organic manner. Once your site has properly established its ranking using just SEO best practices then you can focus on utilizing PPC services to help propagate your business to your required audience.

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