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Overview of keywords

screenshot selected keywords overview Keywords which you have added from keyword suggestions or keyword ideas by clicking on the yellow button are shown under Keywords and then selected Keywords.

Linking keywords to a page

Screenshot keywords suggestions results If you have found keywords for your project with the tool keyword suggestions or keyword ideas.

View a page

Screenshot Seo control panel view page details If you click on view page you will get an overview of all the SEO data that we have collected from this page.

What do we collect from a page

We all collect data that applies to the SEO score and the performance of your website. Below is a small list of what we collect but more items will be added in the future. url title meta description meta keywords obsolete html tags SEO score Heading tags Words on your website External links Images Included javascripts and stylesheets Screenshot With the data of your page we collected, we give you SEO tips and you have a good overview of what you can improve on a page within your project.

Edit website

Screenshot edit website seo control panel"> In the edit screen you will see several text fields, these are the same fields you have seen when adding a website.

Activate website

If you added a project it will get the status "pending" by default. This means that nothing happens with your project. Your project is just added but no SEO, link or backlink actions are taken.

Website overview

Screenshot overview websites seo control panel Here you see an overview of all the projects in your account, you see the URL, the SEO score, status and the date when the project was started.

Full manual in pdf format

Manual seo control panel Download full manual in PDF click on the link below

Generate sitemap via crontab

Below a crontab example howto create a new XML sitemap file from the sitemap script every day at 20 minutes past 5 with the wget command.20 05 * * * /usr/bin/wget https://seosite.eu/download-sitemap/1/vQbWP1N9ZhPY7WCGcFT3v/ -O /home/seosite/public_html/sitemap.


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