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Search engines other than google worth ranking in

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Adam G.

Adam G.

We all know Google is the top dog when it comes to where the best place to rank ones site. But there are other search engines out there, like Microsoft's Bing search engine. You will want to make sure your site ranks on as many search engines as possible.

But, what are some of the other search engines out there worth ranking on?

4 Replies

Amber W.

2022-09-11 18:26:41

Advising an SEO strategy for your website the best course of action is to take into account all different types of search engines as ranking on the most amount of them will ultimately result in a greater return on your main focused search engine as site that is highly popular on one search engine will eventually lead to it gaining traction on the other search engine. At the end of the day research engines are tools to help make your site stand out more prominently in the internet's domain and having your side be popular among different search engines is always a plus as there are people who use not just what one search engine but many kinds of search engines to help figure out understand or buy things that they are looking for.

Stanley SEO Dude

2022-09-06 00:13:19

Rank on everything you can honestly. Google is the definite main one you want to make sure you're ranked on, and make sure you play it safe and follow their rules. Same with Bing and other big ones. I think Yahoo still is a search engine, so you may be able to rank there as well, though they may also use Google these days. I forget.

But yeah, rank on as many platforms as you can and also rank your posts/webpages, and everything else that you can. That helps.

Emily Simms

2022-09-06 00:04:33

Pretty much rank in everything you can. Usually ranking within Google will help you rank within Bing and other search engines. Basically, when you rank high in Google, the likelihood of ranking high in Bing and other search engines goes up as well.

Joey Wright

2022-09-05 23:56:21

Bing is a given, especially since it's the second best search engine after Google. Other than Bing, I know Duck Duck Go has a search engine, but it may tie into Google, not 100% sure. Baidu would be a good one to rank on if you want your sites out there in China. And I believe even Facebook nowadays has a search engine of their own. I don't know if you can search outside of Facebook, but it could be worth looking into.

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