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Having too much content-pages on your site bad?

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Rachel Blaine
Rachel Blaine
I want to make a pretty big site, one that I can add as much content to as I can. But I heard from someone that you shouldn't make a crowded site or a site packed with content. Is that true? Should you be a bit more reserved with the content you put out? So maybe less content each week?

What about having animations on site. Is that going to cause issues?

2 Replies

A. Chatni
2022-09-13 17:56:46

If you have a good hosting platform more pages and more sites are always more welcomed as they provide the visitors with ample area to play with and see how well your site is interacting with them resulting in a lot of data being generated that Google can look into to help rank your site better due to its good quality of content and user experience.

Carol Grant
2022-09-12 22:45:28

I don't think that changes anything, or effects anything. I think having more web pages within your website can help with backlinks and all that. I don't see it being an issue.

As for the amount of content on your site, that depends. If it becomes too slow because you have too much going on, it will push some of the traffic away instead of keeping them around.

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