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Email marketing, is it spamming to some?

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Joey Wright

Joey Wright

What are your feelings on email marketing? I know it's a big part of most SEO work and most people have email marketing as a part of their job, but I see email marketing as a mixed bag. Part of me thinks when you market through email, most people view it as spam. I mean, that's kinda how I feel these days. I don't like to get newsletters anymore in my email, because I never read most of them.

So I feel like most people would be like me, and ignore most emails unless they know who it's from. And even I know many of the brands that send me emails, but I rarely bother to look at their emails anymore. If anything I've viewed it more as spam as of late than anything else.

With that being said, do you think email marketing is spammy? Can it be done right?

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