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Does ranking on google rank you on other search engines?

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Emily Simms

Emily Simms

I've always wondered this, but does ranking on Google also put your search results on Bing and other search engines out there? Like maybe Yahoo? If so, do you have to do any SEO work for those other sites or can you just focus on Google for the most part?

2 Replies

Amber W.

2022-09-11 18:32:06

Other than search engines such as the ones on duck duck go and and Chinese search engines as well as Facebook's search engine. Only these known search engines try to limit their communication to their competitors but other than these eventually a strategy for your SEO will account for ways to rank your site on other search engines as that leads to better exposure of your product or service.

Adam G.

2022-09-08 19:49:01

I hear technically yes it does rank you on other search engines, at least within the US. It comes down to the traffic your site gets, your link building work, backlinking, etc. Just because you rank within Google, doesn't always mean you'll rank the same in Bing. But if you do the SEO work that needs to be done, you should rank on most search engines.

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