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Do you constantly need to keep your keywords up to date?

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Brandon N.

Brandon N.

I'm kinda new to all of this SEO stuff. I have started a couple sites and want to rank high within all search engines possible. I have ideas for keywords and all that set aside, but do you ever have to keep your keywords up to date? Can keywords become outdated and less popular over time as well?

2 Replies

Amber W.

2022-09-11 18:24:03

Keeping a keywords up to date is one of the good practices of maintaining a really healthy website with good traffic and great SEO ranking but there's also something called long-term keywords which can be utilized in the starting of your website's SEO content strategy as becoming a long-term part of your website content these can in all terms and purpose remain unchanged as these kinds of keywords have a good lifetime and generally are phrases or words that people tend to use but while it's looking up services or businesses that coincide with what represents your service or product sector.

Emily Simms

2022-09-08 20:05:21

I think it mainly comes down to producing fresh and engaging content. If you have that, it should work well. Make sure your keywords are up to date, and keep them updated. It doesn't hurt to use new keywords as well, because if they are popular keywords, it would be wise to utilize them if they fit.

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