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How to find interesting keywords for your website

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How to find interesting keywords for your website

How to find interesting keywords for your website

When building and developing content for a website, your keywords are utterly essential. Picking the right mix of keywords is going to go a very long way to making sure you can build a website that is found by the right readers and audience. However, finding keywords is a lot more challenging than simply using the Google Keyword Research tool. Want to know how to find interesting keywords for your website? Consider the following.

How to find interesting keywords for your website

Look to your competition

One of the most important factors to look out for is what your already high-ranking competitors are using. Thanks to Page Source being a part of almost every modern browser, you are a right-click away from researching this. Simply check the <title> and <meta name> sections in the Page Source.

This will give you a clear understanding of what keywords your competitors use in their content creation.

Use other keyword tools

Most use the Google-based tool, but you can find various other tools such as the Wordstream keyword research tool. This is very easy to use, it is free, and it can give you a lot of relevant keywords that can bring you traffic.

You can get a lot of targeted ideas and grouped keywords that you can then use in batches to build new content. This can add variety, introduce new topics, and diversify your link-building opportunities.

Look for relevant topics

One of the best ways to find keywords is to use keyword tools and look for relevant but not identical sub-topics. For example, you could be looking to add more content to a real estate website. Instead of just focusing on homes and apartments, look into creating content around keywords for things like HMOs, mobile homes, and boat houses. It adds more diversity to your content, brings in new readers, yet still matches up with your website.

Break keywords down into new topics

If you are selling products, you might find that you can go from having one keyword that can then turn into three. For example, �London real estate� could become things like "Fulham real estate" or "Fulham three bedroom house" � you can take one keyword and break it down into smaller subtopics.

Again, they are still relevant and as long as you run the sub-topic through a keyword checker like the recommended tool above you can get lots of great ideas without having to do too much.

Find organic keywords

Two another tools we recommend you look into would be the seo panel of SeoSite or SEMRush SEO suite. This gives you so much useful information and insight into what you need to know that it can make building a new keyword plan so much easier. Simple use their Top Organic Keywords tool and you can find the best traffic-producing keywords for a single URL. Run a competitor page through this or a popular blog post, and get some great ideas for keywords that are competitive, worthwhile, and being searched by real users. Simple!

Try out the above, and see for yourself how beneficial having the right keywords can be for your website. Published by


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