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Which backlinks improve your site ranking

Rank backlinks higher
Which backlinks improve your site ranking

Which backlinks improve your site ranking?

When it comes to building backlinks to your website, it is easy to get confused at what you are doing. Backlinks are confusing, and it can be tempting to simply get as many backlinks as you can. In backlinking, though, quality always beats quantity. With that in mind, it pays to understand which backlinks improve your site ranking.

Need a hand understanding? Then try and focus on the following backlinks for greater end results.

Which backlinks improve your site ranking?

Older backlinks work best

Cheap backlinking services tend to get you lots of links that come from new or new-ish websites with little to no authority. Search engines want to see you being linked to websites that have a genuine history on the web. Therefore, you should be focusing on finding backlinks from older websites.

They typically have more cache and authority with the search engines. Anyone can set up an army of shadow websites for backlinking; you cannot mimic longevity, though.

Links with meaningful relevance

If your website is a real estate agency, it would make sense for all of your links to actually come from the real estate industry. With that in mind, you should definitely look to make sure that backlinks are in the same industry as you.

Search engines look unkindly on backlinks that are basically a nonsense that come from all over the place. If you seem to just have random backlinks, the impact is minimal.

Backlinks from diverse sources

It might seem easy to just get ten or fifteen blogs to link back to you, but you need diversity. You need links from blogs, from typically websites, from directories, from press releases, and from forums and other forms of social communication.

You might have found several blogs with good authority to link back to you � this is great. You also need more variety than just the one type of website linking back, though.

Proper and intelligent placement

Another factor that matters is where the backlink comes from. If the backlinks is in the middle of a relevant paragraph that feels like a natural link, that is great. If the crawlers find the links are all hidden away in irrelevant places or disguised into the design of the website, though, the benefits will be minimal or non-existent. Try to keep that in mind when focusing on backlinks; the placement on the site matters as much as the actual quality of the site.

High Page Authority matters

If you use a tool like the Moz Link Explorer, you can quickly find out what the authority is of a particular page and website. You want backlinks from places with high page authority. Search engines recognise these as good, high-quality websites that have a history of being relevant to their audience and trustworthy. It is better to have one high PA link than ten or fifteen links from link farms.

Keep the above in mind, and backlinking soon becomes a less arduous, challenging process. Published by


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