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How to find backlinks to improve site ranking

Find backlinks
How to find backlinks to improve site ranking

How to find backlinks to improve site ranking

If you are a webmaster, then one of your primary concerns should be getting backlinks to your website. Backlinks are essential in building authority, credibility, and bringing people to your website naturally. However, finding good quality backlinks to improve your site ranking can be a challenging process indeed. Want to know how to find backlinks to improve site ranking? Then take a look at the following tips to simplify what can be a complex process.

How to find backlinks to improve site ranking

Check your referrals

If you are using Google Analytics (as you should), you can find a Referrals section in the Acquisition area of your dashboard. This will show you the websites that are already linking back and referring to your website. You can then contact the webmaster to try and make some kind of backlinking agreement.

They already seem to rate your website, so this should be less challenging than it might first seem.

Find popular discussion platforms

Every industry has people who are seen as experts, influencers, and informative people worth listening to. You should be looking for these people on social media, on blogs, and on their own websites. If you find someone like this, strike up a relationship. Contact them and see what you can do to help them further.

Do not start by asking for a backlink; build a meaningful rapport first and collaborate before making this suggestion clear.

Share your content on social media

One of the best ways to get your content receiving backlinks organically is to share it on social media. This is easy; you just need to build a high quality piece of content that is worth reading and sharing. Then, get in touch with influencers, experts, guest bloggers, and those who have expertise in your niche.
Offer them a link to the content and do it purely as a �this could be good for your audience� kind of way. They should appreciate the insight and if they like your content they should provide a backlink to it.

Look to your competition

If your competitors appear to be getting lots of links back to their website, you can use that to your advantage. Using tools like SEMrush, you can quickly and easily find out backlinks analysis of other websites without using anything unethical or underhand.
Then, you can get in touch with the same websites and try to form backlinks that benefit your business. They already collaborate with a competitor; why not you, as well?

Find broken links on popular platforms

You should start looking for blogs, forums, and other platforms that might otherwise talk about your industry. Look at their topics, posts, blogs etc. and look for links back to other websites. Click on the link. Does it still work, or are you being taken to a random Error 404 page?
If so, contact the webmaster/author of the post, and suggest they swap out the broken link for your replacement instead. Simple but highly effective!

Utilise the above, and it can be easier to find backlinks that benefit your website in the long-term. Published by


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