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How can i improve the speed of my website

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How can I improve the speed of my website

How can I improve the speed of my website?

If you run a website, then one of the most important factors in the user experience is your website speed. A website that does not operate to the correct speed is always going to be limited in what it can achieve. Users expect consistent speed from your website, and if pages take too long to load they will simply go elsewhere. So, what are the easiest ways to improve your website speed?

Improving your website speed in five simple steps

Compress your website content

One of the most common reasons for a slow website is having far too much information and media to load on the page. Having an excess of videos, images, and audio is going to ensure that the page takes a long time to load.

You can often find it is easier to compress images to a format that takes up less space to host. You might also find that linking to media externally helps, too.

Reduce CSS files and scripting

Often one of the main reasons your website is running slow is that you have an excess of scripting going on in the background. You therefore should look to reduce the presence of Javascript and other script languages. Try and also make sure that your CSS file � the style sheet that controls much of your website � is properly optimised. It is worth paying someone to optimise this file as it can vastly

improve performance.

Optimise your website databases

Every website runs with a database in the back-end, and if your website is not performing well it could be down to a messy database. Having someone clean it up and improve the language and the load order can make sure your website loads easier. Remember that the internet connection that a user might be on might not be the fastest. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to ensure your websites loads with as little effort as is possible.

Minimise plugin quantity

Many users, especially those using popular platforms like WordPress, have a habit of having lots of plugins working in the background. This can make your website run slowly, and it can have a detrimental impact on its performance. If you want to make sure your website can run smoothly, having only the plugins you need can help. Replacing plugins with other solutions that do not involve a third-party platform having to be loaded in can further improve website performance.

Change your hosting package

Sometimes, the problem is not so much with your website but with your host. If your host is not working properly or it uses poor hosting platforms, it could be impacting the quality of your website performance. Good website hosting does not cost more than the cheap, low-quality alternatives. Few investments can provide a better ROI than paying for hosting that ensures your website is not impacted by server-side delays.

Improving website speed should be a priority. Focus on the above for effective, reliable solutions to tardy website speed. Published by


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