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Keyword searches

When it comes to looking for information online, the search terms that we use are known as keywords. You might not be aware of this when you carry out a search engine query, but the search results you receive are related to the search terms you have used.

Keyword searching, then, involves finding the most popular search terms that are relevant to your website. For example, you might choose to search for keywords that you could incorporate into your own content. These terms would be popular, competitive terms which are searched regularly. This means that if your website is using those keywords, you are more likely to be found by people searching for those terms.

Why do we look for certain keywords?

The reason that your website needs to use keywords is quite simple: these are the terms that people are searching for. By using certain keyword searching tools, we can find the keywords that our customers are looking to find us through. By using the right keywords, it becomes much easier to be found by people who are relevant to your actual business and website niche.

Also, you want to find the right keywords because it is important to avoid using overly competitive keywords. The most common keywords might be simply too prevalent on larger, higher budget websites for you to be able to properly compete for their usage.

As such, you should look to find keywords that are suited to your industry without having immense competition.

Long tail and short tail keywords

When looking into keywords, too, you are not limited to a singular world. You can also use long tail keywords, which are longer search terms. These can include longer terms such as phrases that can be as long as five words. These phrases are very specific and thus are good for creating content around. Such phrases are also useful for answering questions with and making sure that content has a specific relevance to popular search terms. They tend to attract more specific, high-quality traffic. Short tail keywords tend to be much easier to work into content, but they are usually made up 1-3 words and thus lack the specificity of a longer keyword.

Tools to assist you in your keyword search

The best place to start when it comes to keyword research would be the Google Keyword Finder. This tool provides you with an easy way to search for relevant keywords. Simply enter your primary term (such as your business or niche) and the tool will provide you with numerous suggestions. The tool also gives you a rough idea of how many searches per month each term gets, meaning that you can balance between finding words with a high volume of searches and more competitive terms.

This allows you to also make sure that you are using a good variety of terms without resorting to using the same keywords several times on the one website page.

Tips for using keywords for onpage SEO

When you are trying to fill out your content by using keywords, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure that your keywords are relevant to the actual content on the page itself
  • Use a keyword naturally; do not use a keyword more than once every 200-300 words
  • Ensure that your keywords are balanced out accordingly across the content
  • Use keywords in headers and in titles, without stuffing them or forcing them in
  • Find good alternative options so that keywords being used are similar yet different
  • Always include your primary keyword within the first paragraph of your content
  • Also, make sure to use your primary keyword within the URL of the website page

These factors alone should play a big role in making sure that you can get more success from using keywords. A good blend of natural keyword usage, keyword variety, and a blend of long tail and short keywords can make sure that your SEO ranking improves naturally simply by having relevant, high-quality content.

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