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Unleash the power of the helpful content update

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Unleash the power of the helpful content update

Unleash the power of the helpful content update

Google has realized that there are many content creators who are only creating their content with the purpose of making it search engine friendly. While this is a good way to ensure optimal results, it is also a problem that Google is starting to see as an issue.

One of the latest updates by Google is looking to use complex analysis in order to determine how useful a post can be. This is going to be a huge game changer that is going to create a serious change in the kind of content that is ranked by the search engine.

10 tips for writing good content

The following considerations should be made when you are looking to figure out if your have helpful content available for readers:

  • Is your content entirely written by a person or are you using paraphrasing or spinning tools to avoid plagiarism detection?
  • Are you only summarizing the content of other creators with different words, or are you creating quality content that is fresh and unique?
  • Are you only looking to write about trending topics and not conducting proper research on topics that could help your audience in any way?
  • Is your writing looking to reach a specific word count because you think this is what Google wants?
  • Do you feel that your content proposes solutions to problems or at least gives people some insightful data so that they can make an informed decision?
  • Do you believe your readers are going to have all the knowledge you need on a topic by reading your content?
  • Are there enough internal links in your content that lead to other reliable and useful material related to the same topic?
  • Does the content refer to any reliable sources that can back up any of the content that you are creating?
  • Do you have images, infographics and videos that provide a more powerful experience to the reader to convey a message?
  • Are you creating this new content several times per week or only a couple of times each month?
  • Do you take the time to proofread the content and ensure good readability? (bonus)

Once you ask yourself all of those questions, you will have the opportunity to improve your efforts. This is going to be very important as it will allow you to take things in the right direction if you feel that you are not achieving good results.

Content is still king

It is undeniable that content marketing is still king of the hill when it comes to SEO. You have to be able to introduce quality content to your audience and this is going to make the process of engagement much easier.

The more consistency you can bring to your marketing campaigns when it comes to quality content, the faster you will climb the ranks. This has always been a very powerful way to achieve success with your efforts and it will provide an excellent way for you to reach your audience. Always remember that being helpful to your target audience is going to help you achieve the best results.

Also, remember that quality content helps build trust with potential customers. You will also increase loyalty if you are looking to create long-term relationships with your target audience. This is always going to be a very powerful way to handle any situation.

Final thoughts on the helpful content update

While the helpful content update will not redefine SEO immediately, it will start the process of requiring more quality content for indexing. This makes it essential for people to remember and understand the value and importance of keeping in mind the best practice that cater to their audience and not to search engines.

The good news is that by focusing on content for people, you will be achieving better results with search engines. This means that you should always consider your audience as the first reason why you are creating content.

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