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What is the best free seo tool

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What is the best free SEO tool

What is the best free SEO tool?

There is a constant debate in terms of what people consider to be the best SEO tools for digital marketing. There are many great tools out there that offer free trials, but only a few of the best tools offer free unlimited access to their features.
In some cases, these tools will offer enhancements for a cost, but the main requirement to be mentioned here is that most of the relevant functions are free of charge.

How do you determine what is the best SEO tool?

It is almost impossible to say which tool is the best, but there will always be some reasons why a tool can be considered to be optimal. The following list of tools offers free functions without cost and they are very useful for different areas of SEO such as metrics, keyword optimization, and many other useful functions.

Some of the best free tools include:

  • CanIRank
  • Seobility
  • SERPerator
  • Dareboost
  • Google Analytics
  • KWFinder
  • Screaming Frog
  • SeoSite
  • Siteliner

There are plenty of other options available out there, but we choose this list because it encompasses the majority of SEO tool functions you need for your campaigns. This is going to prove to be great for the purpose of ensuring that your effort will be headed in the right direction from day one.

The list contains a very specific tool that could take the top spot

If you look at the list above, you will see the name �Google Analytics� in there. This is the platform that was created by Google to help you rank on major search engines, but let�s be totally honest, even though Bing and other smaller engines are worth considering, the main goal for any digital marketer is to rank high on Google.
The reason why Google Analytics could easily be the best free tool for you to use is that they are the company that owns the biggest search engine. This means that you are likely to see great results when using tools that are created by the same people who work on the search engine.
Keep in mind that in order to make use of the functions available in Google Analytics, you need to add a small code to your website�s HTML code. Once this is placed, the analytics tool can start sending you data regarding your traffic.

Websites using Google analytics faster indexed?

Those websites that have installed Google analytics are more likely to be indexed faster even if Google does not claim that directly. According to many sources, your rank is not affected by the use of the tools, but the goal and purpose of any Search Engine Optimization tool is to provide insight and useful data for your campaigns.

Once you are able to achieve that goal, the rest is going to be much easier. This is the main reason why it is so important to ensure that you can install this tool. It is free to use, it has a robust set of options and there is a large community behind it to assist you.

Final thoughts on the best free SEO tool

Just like we mentioned earlier, there is no specific tool that is going to be the best, but there are some that will be more viable than others. It is always important not to stick to a single tool and to try out different options. This is going to allow you to have a much better result in general.

We recommend that you check some of the tools we listed above or check out the free tools from SeoSite and see what kind of features and benefits they offer for no cost. This is going to allow you to decide which ones are best suited for your specific needs and campaign goals.

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