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Seo backlinks - how do i get them

Link building
seo backlinks - how do I get them

SEO backlinks

When it comes to developing a website, one of the most important aspects in your search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign will include backlinks. Backlinks are links which come back to your website from other places online. This could be anything from social media pages to blog posts to downloadable PDFs and beyond.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are, as suggested above, links that return to your website from another place online. SEO backlinks are important because they show the search engine that other people find your website interesting or worthwhile. These backlinks are essential to improving SEO because one of the most important elements of modern website ranking is popularity with other parts of the internet.

However, backlinks from any old place will not be enough. If you wish to see genuine improvement in your SEO ranking thanks to backlinks, you need to receive backlinks from websites that have a decent authority and page ranking. This means places like respected business directories, popular blogs, and social media pages are all very good starting points for backlink building.

How can you get backlinks?

You can create backlinks by contacting businesses on your own. If you find a website that you think would be a good partner to link with because it is popular and relevant, you could create a link-sharing strategy. This would see both parties include links to one another on their websites.

You could also create a guest post article that could be hosted on their website with a link back to your website. Other ways to get backlinks include creating business profiles for your website on business directories and on social media. You can also hire an SEO backlinking expert to start the process on your behalf.

They would contact businesses who could be a good backlinking partner. They will also use popular backlinking portals to create reputable links back to your website for future SEO boosts.

Which backlinks result in traffic and higher rankings?

The best backlinks come from high authority websites. For example, a blog that receives about 200 hits per month is going to produce very little ranking points. Having a backlink on a popular influencers channel who receives thousands of views per month, though, would be useful. So, too, would backlinks that come from websites with a high page ranking.

This includes popular blogs, business directories, and social media. Even smaller social media profiles are likely to rank ahead of a traditional website due to the sheer power that comes from the social media platforms themselves. That is why it is common today to see Facebook and Twitter links for a business ranking ahead of their own website.

Backlinks to avoid

You should look to avoid backlinks that come from low reputation websites. Websites that have little visitors, or have a poor reputation, should be avoided. Look to avoid backlinks that come from websites with little to no relevance to your own industry, too. You want to receive your backlinks from websites that have a proven connection to your niche, and which also have a good reputation of their own.

So, avoid cheap backlinking campaigns that look to get your links posted everywhere and anywhere. Just as good backlinking can produce excellent long-term SEO benefits, poor backlinking can produce negative results and actually harm your SEO ranking.

Tools to assist you in link building

There are several useful tools that you could try out. Link Explorer is a very popular backlining tool that you could use to help uncover useful link building campaigns that exist on other websites. You can run this on successful competitors and see where they are linking to and from, so that you can then contact the same domains and target them in your own link building campaigns in the future.

Good link building will take place as a result of using the right tools, too. This includes using professional link building tools such as Moz Pro, which can help you to build links using their trial program before signing-up.

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