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SEO tools

We offer a comprehensive set of SEO toolset to monitor and optimize your websites SEO, check the backlinks, check your SEO score and find the right keywords for your website. Want to know more about our toolset read more on our toolset page.

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Sitemap generator online

Our tool generates a sitemap of your website automaticly which you can download and use at the search engines for example Google or Bing. Sitemaps are generated in our dashboard while we scan your website to while we determine the SEO checking and score.

Image optimizer

To speed up your website it is advisable to optimize your images, while the visibility of your website images do not change. To optimize your images online use this free image optimize tool.

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Keyword tool

Need to optimize your website for certain keywords, try our keyword suggestion tool. It shows you the competition, total searches per month and helps you to find new (new) keywords for your website.

Keyword tool

Website rank checker

Enter the domain in the text field below, this website rank checker will return the total pages in de search engine index per position.

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